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Why we Started
Some information about this site and why it's different from other DNS review sites.

What is DNS?
An in-depth discussion about DNS and why it's important.

Unicast vs. Anycast
A comparison of the two types of DNS networks

Why Outsource?
Why outsourced DNS is an important and valuable service for your company.

Rules for Submissions

If you'd like to review a DNS provider's service for our site, we welcome your submission. Our staff must read and approve your review before it gets posted on our site. We have a general set of guidelines that you must follow in order to have your review published.

1. No employee submissions - no exceptions. If you work for any of the DNS providers listed on this site, you cannot submit a review. Even if it's a positive review for another company. The whole point of this site is to keep things fair and unbiased, and it's impossible to do that if we allowed employees to submit reviews.

2. You must be a current or recent customer of the service you are reviewing. In order to maintain the accuracy of the reviews on this site, your information and opinions must be current. DNS companies, in general, are cosntantly changing and updating their services, so it's not as useful to review the service that you used two years ago. Furthermore, we need to ensure that you have actually used the service, and are not basing your reviews on secondhand knowledge.

3. Personal attacks, or negative reviews without any statistics or examples to back them up, will not be posted. If you had a bad customer service experience, give us details about what your unresolved issue was. If their service was unreliable, give us approximate dates and locations of the downtime you experienced. This way we can ensure that the review will be helpful to others who are looking into the DNS provider you had a bad experience with.

4. We ask all of our submitters to rank their DNS provider based on several key points - Reliability / Uptime, Customer Service and Support, Ease of use, Price, and overall Quality of Service. We use this information to come up with a list of the top ranked DNS providers who scored well in every category. You can expand upon the scores you provided within your review as well to give us more information about why you gave them the scores you did.

If you wish to submit a review that follows the above guidelines, click here.




Why use DNS Comparison?

Our focus is on giving the facts without the bias. We examine the key factors that determine the quality of the service provided: speed, reliability, network strength, ease of use, customer support, and price. All of the information we post will have statistics to back it up, and all user-submitted reviews will be moderated to ensure the information they provide is accurate.

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