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Why Outsource?

Every organization needs DNS services, the question is, should you outsource your DNS service to another company, or manage it within your company? There are pros and cons in each scenario, but overall, many companies find that outsourcing their DNS service is the best solution.


DNS can be a fairly complex service. For organizations that face staffing problems or don't have in-house IT staff, outsourcing DNS can be very useful. Also keep in mind that the DNS provider's staff does this stuff for a living and problem runs into more problems with it that they know how to fix immediately than most company administrators.


If you have a high-traffic web site that is accessible to the public and it's in a hosting facility, having the DNS traffic traverse the corporate internet connection can be inefficient and may result in slower internet access for employees. DNS providers have plenty of bandwidth to handle this traffic. It's good to get any unnecessary traffic off the expensive corporate connection in order to prevent the need to upgrade it.


Based upon the specifications required for a normal DNS server, the cost of running two fault tolerant name servers on a somewhat reliable network costs a minimum of $9,000 a year. This does not take into consideration the cost of administration, training, hardware and software, plus any needed repairs or replacements during this time period. Taking all these necessary fees into account, many of the users surveyed estimated the cost of running their own DNS infrastructure starting at $40,000 per year. Many DNS providers can offer you DNS service for much less, while also providing you with a more reliable network and higher bandwidth.


Since DNS service is so critical to the workings of the internet, when it's unavailable, most of your users will be stuck without being able to use the internet. In additional to multiple servers, many DNS services also have IP Anycasted networks. Redundancy is especially important when you have web sites that have to be accessible 24/7. Finally, most DNS providers have backup power systems that are adequate to run the services for an extended time even when their facility has no power. For small organizations that host web sites outside their company, it makes a lot of sense to outsource DNS services. Smaller organizations don't usually have multiple servers or multiple connections to the internet, which means that a failure of the internet connection results in customers being unable to access the organizations web site, regardless of where it's hosted.




Why use DNS Comparison?

Our focus is on giving the facts without the bias. We examine the key factors that determine the quality of the service provided: speed, reliability, network strength, ease of use, customer support, and price. All of the information we post will have statistics to back it up, and all user-submitted reviews will be moderated to ensure the information they provide is accurate.

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