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Rules for Submissions
A list of guidelines for submitting reviews to this site.

What is DNS?
An in-depth discussion about DNS and why it's important.

Unicast vs. Anycast
A comparison of the two types of DNS networks

Why Outsource?
Why outsourced DNS is an important and valuable service for your company.

Price Comparison

We've compiled information from the top Anycast and Non-Anycast DNS providers in order to create a side-by-side comparison of their pricing.

Anycast Pricing

Non-Anycast Pricing

Features Comparison

We've researched all the top DNS providers to find out what features they offer with their service.

Anycast Features

Non-Anycast Features


Using Pingdom, we've compared the top DNS providers' performance.

Anycast Speed




Why use DNS Comparison?

Our focus is on giving the facts without the bias. We examine the key factors that determine the quality of the service provided: speed, reliability, network strength, ease of use, customer support, and price. All of the information we post will have statistics to back it up, and all user-submitted reviews will be moderated to ensure the information they provide is accurate.

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