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DNS Made Easy was started in February of 2001 by Tiggee, LLC, an IT services company. They do not offer much information about their client list, though it was discovered that they provide DNS service to,, and many non-profit organizations such as The American Lung Association and The Sierra Club. (Source).


DNS Made Easy runs an IP Anycast DNS network, with 17 locations and 17 peers on three different continents.


DNS Made Easy states on their website that they've had 99.9999% uptime over 9 years. We were able to find one report of downtime found here. If you have any confirmed reports of DNS Made Easy or their customers being down, let us know here.


DNS Made Easy offers a System Monitoring and Automatic Failover service, free Round-Robin load balancing, and free Vanity DNS - you can rebrand their name servers to match your own domain. They do not offer geo-based DNS. (Source)

Web Management Portal

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Customer Service / Technical Support

DNS Made Easy has a very informative website that allows you to glean most of the pre-sales information you would need on your own. Their sales staff is very knowlegable on the phone, and they're very upfront about their pricing. They do not offer free phone support (though there's an option to purchase support contracts) but they have a web ticketing system and a live chat. (Source)


Out of all the IP Anycast providers we reviewed, DNS Made Easy was by far the least expensive. Their DNS starts at $14.95 per year ($1.25 per month) for three domains, 40 records, and 1 million queries. Their overage costs are also pretty reasonable, at $6.00 per million monthly queries. They will also provide you with query stats if you need help investigation your overages. (Source)

Full Email Exchange:
04 Feb. 2010
05 Feb. 2010

Please note that all of the information we asked for was already provided on the DNS Made Easy website. The emails were mostly a formality to keep DNS Made Easy in the loop.


DNS Made Easy over the past few years has re-configured and expanded their IP Anycast network. Speeds are amoung the industry best, always within the top three providers.

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