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Dynect was started in October of 2007 by DynInc as an Enterprise extension of DynDNS's free DNS service. They are best known for being Twitter's DNS provider, as well as their attempts at creating viral videos on their website and YouTube. Other clients of theirs include Wikia, Zappos, and Warner Brothers. (Source)


Dynect runs an IP Anycast DNS network. According to their website, they have 12 facilities and 9 peers located on three different continents.


Reports of downtime for Dynect's most popular client - Twitter - are varied. On August 6th, 2009, it was reported that a DDoS attack on Twitter had taken down Dynect for a short time period (Source) though later they claimed it was a web server attack, not a DNS attack.

Other reports showed that Twitter's actual account with Dynect was compromised - so their DNS did not go down, but someone claiming to be the "Iranian Cyber Army" was able to hack into their account and change their settings. (Source)

The article cited by our source at Dynect reports that the individuals who attacked Twitter had their login credentials, and were able to make changes that way. It's unclear how the hackers were able to bypass Dynect's ACL, however. (Source)


Dynect offers many features like Active Failover, Round Robin Load Balancing, weighted load balancing, Global Server Load Balancing, and CDN Load Balancing. They also provide a registrar service.


Web Management Portal

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Customer Service / Technical Support

Dynect offers all customers phone support during their normal business hours, but they charge for after hours support. (Source)


Dynect's website is pretty vague when it comes to pricing, however, upon questioning a rep from Dynect about their pricing structure, they released a blog article explaining how it all works (Source).

We were also able to find more information about the pricing of their additional features. It looks like it ranges from $100 per month for Failover service, to $500 per month for CDN management. (Source).

Dynect's query pricing is very interesting. They use 95% burstable billing for queries, much like upstream bandwidth providers do. The way this type of billing works, as long as you only have short bursts of high queries (under 36 hours) you do not get charged for overages. However, if you do go over quota for longer than 36 hours, then you pay for that highest burst for the entire month. Their overage pricing is $75 per month for every 5QPS you go over.

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Despite some outlying instances of slow response times, Dynect has industry standard response times typically within the top three providers in the industry. Speed Charts.




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