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9th / Febuary / 2011 - by Beverly
Due to time and budget contraints, we will now be updating only once a month rather than weekly. Updates will be issued in the first week of every month. We apologize for any inconvenience.

5th / April / 2010 - by Beverly
Big updates today. We've nixed the Web Interface ratings - we didn't have enough information to accurately judge everyone's interface, plus it's just a hard thing to be objective about. We are trying to get screenshots of the various GUIs to add to the site by next week. We've edited the ratings in general, based on new info submitted by users/providers. We changed the pricing graphs from logarithmic - it skiewed the perspective too much, made it seem unfair. We updated the speed graphs for this week, and added speed archives so you can view past weeks' results.
Feel free to send us any suggestions you may have about our sites, our ratings, our graphs, etc. We'd love to hear from you!




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Our focus is on giving the facts without the bias. We examine the key factors that determine the quality of the service provided: speed, reliability, network strength, ease of use, customer support, and price. All of the information we post will have statistics to back it up, and all user-submitted reviews will be moderated to ensure the information they provide is accurate.

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